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  • Tonight I was supposed to write a paper. Instead I have gone way overboard on research for said paper (as usual) and written nothing.
  • I have played two songs on the piano with a break for research in between.
  • I have been sipping on cold coffee for the last four hours- not iced coffee, but coffee that was hot but sat out too long.
  • I have listened to a sporadic selection of music tonight because every time I tried to listen to a new album on my “to listen to” list, I was reminded of an old album I love and so then I had to listen to that too.
  • Somewhere in the middle of all this I decided to go find my file with old photos and cards in it and take some time to reminisce over a variety of people. It’s funny how much some things change.
  • I read some blogs while searching for inspiration for my newest business endeavor (more info to follow). 
  • I decided that there are a lot of people that I have only met once or twice that I want to know more. I should figure out how to go about this with my complete lack of free time.
  • Spent some time thinking about the Hebrew word חסד (Chesed).

this summer is all about the tennis dress, bike rides, popsicles, and this

Cassette available from

Not sure how I hadn’t heard this before…

the only colors I need

the only colors I need

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Paul Rudd was running around the streets of New York and I wasn’t there. OH THE REGRET

happy birthday to the best of the best: twin peaks

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